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Poor oral hygiene habits and failing to attend your regular dental checkups at Dr. Audrey Kemp’s dental office can leave you mouth at increased risk of suffering cavities on multiple teeth. If you further refuse to seek treatment you might eventually suffer the loss of multiple teeth.

One easy way to replace the full function of your mouth without the need for invasive oral surgery is to have Dr. Audrey Kemp fit you for a partial denture. This is a miniature form of dentures that will be designed to fit tightly with the underlying gum structure. It might also include some locking hardware to help give it extra firm hold with the neighboring teeth.

It is easily removable. When it’s installed in your mouth it will replicate the basic appearance and function of your missing teeth. While the partial denture will fit snugly in place you still might want to use a little denture adhesive. This can help to secure the partial denture in place and block out food particles.

To fit you for your partial denture Dr. Audrey Kemp will cast a detailed impression of the void left by your missing teeth. This will be sent to a dental lab to guide the dental technicians in creating the removable dental appliance.

If you live in the Durham, North Carolina, area and you have lost multiple teeth, you should call 919-680-3531 to explore your dental restoration options available at Bull City Dental.