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It’s finally March, and if you have been bitten by the spring cleaning bug, don’t forget to refresh your oral habits to boost your smile with these spring cleaning tips.

Professional Cleaning

Spring is the perfect time to revive your oral health habits with a professional cleaning by our dental team. We will treat your teeth and gums to a thorough scaling and polishing to remove plaque and tartar (as tartar is nearly impossible to clean with just brushing and flossing alone, without special dental tools). Along with scaling and polishing, we will also check for cavities, gum disease, oral cancer, and any other dental health issues.


To avoid plaque and tartar buildup which can lead to swollen and inflamed gums, floss daily between your teeth and around the gum line. Nighttime flossing actually removes harmful bacteria that damage your teeth and gums while you sleep and when saliva production is down. Be sure to renew your commitment to a regular flossing routine this spring, and if you are going to do it once a day, consider flossing at night before you go to bed.


Replace your old toothbrush with a new one, especially if the bristles in the old one are worn and frayed. You might also consider switching to an electric one; they push fluid between the teeth and around the gum line, making them more effective at removing surface plaque. Whether you use a manual or electric toothbrush, brush your teeth and gums at least twice every day to prevent gum inflammation, gingivitis and periodontal disease along with tooth decay.

Let us help you clear your teeth and gums of dental debris, even as you are clearing out the debris in your home with a spring cleaning. We invite you to give our Bull City Dental team in Durham, North Carolina a call at 919-680-3531 today!